Of Alberta skies, clouds and spring

Plans... planning outside activities during Alberta spring, is like throwing a dart at a dart board, blindfolded and standing on your head.  That's precisely what happened last week.  Randy Pond and me were planning and interesting shoot last friday with 3 models.  During that week the weather has been gorgeous, with lots of sun and temperatures going as high as +26C. By Friday it all changed.  Temperatures went down to barely +9C with lots of cold wind.  We were waiting to the last minute for the weather to improve.  I even packed all my gear into my vehicle before going to work that Friday.  Unfortunately because of the cold wind with heavy hearts we decided to cancel the shoot.  Since I had all my gear I figured that I might as well use some of it. Alberta Skies

As per Mr. Murphy and his laws the sun came out and the clouds were dispersing creating fantastic shapes.

Alberta Skies

Since the plans were for a model photo shoot, one thing I left at home was my wide angle lens.  So I had to use my 24-70mm.  Don't get me wrong 24mm is plenty wide, but personally I love the field of view I get with the 17mm.

Alberta Landscape


Alone in the field

From behind the clouds

So although the initial plans bit the dust, I didn't come out empty handed.  To be continued....