Old Prairie Sunset - Alberta Landscape Photography

It's almost our tradition now, that each summer we go exploring in the back Alberta roads for that perfect sunset location.  I think we already realized that we are never going to find one, as the landscape of this province is very diverse, and our explore radius is not very far from home :)  Still we can almost always find something interesting to photograph.  Today, I'm presenting you with images taken a few months back, when spring was still in the air.  Yes, I do have a pretty big backlog of images that need to be touched. We still have our Vancouver/West Coast to finish up, although Kasia has been going through them and posting them on her Flickr stream.  We have been having issues with uploading images to our blog lately, and I still haven't figured out what exactly is the problem.  Right now it takes 3 times longer to get images on the blog, and it's a bit complicated process.

In any case, back to Alberta Landscape, and exploring.  Our trips are usually on the spur of the moment.  We'll look at the clouds, and judge if it could be an interesting looking sunset. If the answer is yes, then quickly pack up the gear and off we go.  We never know what we are going to get.  Yes over the years that we have been doing this, I have been marking the really nice locations on my GPS, so we can come back easily, and we have on couple of occasions.  There is one location though that still escapes me.  I found this beautiful log shack, that seemed abandoned, but still had a cultivated garden beside it.  I didn't mark it, and it's been over a year and I still can't find it.

Here are some images from that long ago trip around Alberta backroads.

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