Road Trip - Part 1

It has been a while since we were able to go for a longer trip. That’s why when an opportunity to escape for a day to the mountains presented itself a few weeks ago, we took it gladly. We were suffering from a nasty long spell of freezing cold temperatures for several weeks here in Edmonton and having a chance to venture out, when it gotten a bit warmer was making me very happy. The trip gave us also, a chance to record a podcast episode for Shutter Time. Today, I will share a few pictures I have taken from the car, while we were driving. There is way too many pictures from that trip to fit in one post (and no, I ended up with only about 600 shots as opposed to what we said on the podcast, from which I selected about 80 all together, sorry about that ;D) and I will share the rest in the following posts.

It is not always possible to stop on the side of the road, but the views can be so lovely that I always try to capture them while in motion. Some of them don’t work, of course, our roads are not that even ;) and I end up taking several pictures of the same thing hoping that one will work and in many cases, it actually does. So here is a few of the “good” shots that I have managed to capture during that day. Enjoy!