Road Trip - Part 4

The last part of the record of our photographic one day journey has all to do with being inspired by just one mountain. It is one of my favorites in all of Rockies (that I have seen so far, of course). It is so full of colors, with a pleasing shape, always great to photograph, no matter the time of year. I’m talking, of course, about the Pyramid Mountain in Jasper National Park. I have taken way too many pictures of it over the years. This time I concentrated on close ups, enjoying the contrast between the white snow and reds and golds of the rock with sprinkle of trees here and there and a cloud mixed in there as well… I simply love it! It seems like, no matter what part of the mountain one points a long lens to, the picture is always great ;D So, here it is the end of the series. I hope you were entertained and took pleasure from our day at the wintery mountains. We did have a wonderful time visiting and, I’m sure we will repeat the experience some other time.