Scotland - Exploring the Countryside

Since we were up and about in the country, after visiting Castle Menzies, we decided to do little bit more exploring. Even driving on the narrow roads with moss covered walls instead of wide shoulders, to which we are used to, did not discourage us.  There was so many things to see starting with amazingly shaped old trees and ending with sheep covered meadows..

At some point he happened upon an interesting looking structure by a lake we were passing by.  It was a place called  The Scottish Crannog on shores of Loch Tay.  It is an interesting place where you can be taken on a tour giving you an insight of the life of people from a long ago time. It is a reconstruction of the 2600 year old Oakbank Crannog, discovered in Loch Tay near the village of Fearnan in late seventies by archaeologists from the University of Edinburgh. Definitely worth checking if you are ever close by!

The nice staff at the centre there has fed us some hot chocolate and oatcakes and pointed us to the nearby Falls of Acharn and Croft Moraig stone circle, where we decided to venture next. It was a bit of a hike to get to the Falls of Acharn, but we did not mind at all. Though the sky was dark, the rain did not fall and we've managed the whole trip up and down quite dry ;).  There was a meadow full of sheep, some more lovely trees and amazing sky to keep us occupied and I took a lot of pictures there:

And, of course, I could not resist a bit of macro work..

But mostly I was just amazed at the beauty of the very green countryside, so different from our prairies..

The Falls of Acharn are quite lovely as well, but I think the road there was as interesting as the falls themselves..

After completing that hike we drove a little bit to get to one of the two stone circles that are located close by.  This particular one is called Croft Moraig. I could not get too close to it, because it was fenced in but even from the distance, with a heavy sky it was quite an experience and I am very happy to have seen one of those in person. Though, perhaps it was a good thing I was not inside it, considering the nearness of one of the Sun Feasts.. Who knows what might have happened?!! ;D

After that short stop we've decided to head back to Edinburgh through picturesque countryside with it's meadows, sheep and lochs..

All in all, it was quite a wonderful day! Buy wait till you see where we went the next morning!!