Scotland with Fuji - On The Way To Skye

The trouble with traveling to beautiful places is that once back, I have to go through, literally, thousands of pictures and pick only some of them.  Just recently I have been very lucky to go to Scotland again and travel to the Isle of Skye and Lewis with a few friends.  I will be forever grateful to Adam for taking time off work to drive us all from Glasgow to those beautiful places, so that I could feast my eyes and share with all of you what a beautiful land Scotland is.  It'll be a very long series since, I am unable to chose only a shot or two from a given location, but when you see them you will understand what I mean.  We have had a very capricious weather during this trip. Rain and sun, heavy clouds and blue sky, changing every few minutes, making my choices for photos even more difficult, because each place looks different in different light, and I ended up taking numerous photos of the same thing, just differently lit. I am asking you all to just bear with me, though, because it is all going to be worth it. Especially when, thanks to my Fuji, I was able to use a better camera and wider lens than the one I have used during our first trip, and I am very happy with Fuji's performance during this wet trip and numerous lens changes (that's what you get when most people traveling with you are using Fuji and they all share their toys ;D). I am, once again, in awe of the beautiful land and its people, so very nice and friendly.  And, even though it was cold and wet and windy, during most of the trip, I would go back there right now, if only it was possible, and do it all over again :D

Today, I would like to share with you the beginning of our long drive. We have stopped in a few places along the way always taking pictures, while visiting, always hurrying to take as many shots as possible before it started to rain. I will list the names of the places now (hoping I have them all right). First shot was taken near the place called Longbank by the River Clyde.  The sun just came out and made the view quite appealing framed, as it was by those lovely yellow flowers. Our next stop was in Inveruglas, on the bank of Loch Lomond from where we traveled through the Bridge of Orchy, stopping here and there to the very picturesque Lochan na h-Achlaise.  It's amazing to realize that I remember most of these spots from our drive back from Glenfinnan in 2012. I guess they've made impression on me then as they, certainly did this time as well.  I sure hope that when you see the pictures you will be as taken by them all as am I. Enjoy!