Scotland - the Road to Glenfinnan

Do you remember "Highlander" with Christopher Lambert? In the movie the main character said he was born in Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel.. So we've decided, as a kind of a joke, to actually make a trip there and see it for ourselves.  After all, since this was our first trip there, we needed some aim, right?! It's not a huge distance from Edinburgh (less than 400km), but it takes quite a few hours to get there . On the way from Edinburgh  you have a chance to see a lot of lakes, glens, moors and all sorts of beautiful scenery. Since we have been traveling in April the heather was not in bloom and some of the trees were still not covered by leaves thus the colors were still subdued. I can only imagine how this land looks late summer/ beginning of fall when things are in bloom!

Sometimes the narrow road would not let us stop at a point with interesting few, sometimes, that view was covered by old trees that would make it impossible to take a picture of such a view, though, it's not like it stopped me from trying ;D

The weather was great and it was really a pleasure to make a few stoops on the way, even if they've delayed our reaching the goal..

Whether it was a dam or a picturesque lake we were enjoying our trip and yet we were not completely prepared to experience Glenfinnan, which, we discovered, is a beautiful place and I will be happy to share pictures from there in my next post.  Looking forward to it!