The Royal Mile in colour..

After such a long trip to Glenfinnan (see the series of my previous posts from our Scottish adventures starting with Scotland - the Road to Glenfinnan and ending with Searching for Rob Roy) we have decided to finally take a tour of the famous Royal Mile.  The day started up with a lovely sunrise and no more rain and we took the trip on a double-decker bus to get us as close to it as possible..

Deciding to start with The Edinburgh Castle we have walked there from the bus stop admiring  the old buildings with their interesting architectural details.  Because of the amount of people waiting to be admitted to the castle we have decided to try our luck later on with Holyroodhouse Palace instead and after a short photo session from the castle hill, with a stop at Camera Obscura (a fun place to visit, whether you are a kid or not) located close by, we started our downward track towards the palace walking the length of the Royal Mile..

And finally we have reached the Holyroodplace Palace, where Her Majesty the Queen of England resides during her visits to Scotland..

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside, since it is a current residence of the Queen, but we were told we can photograph everything outside so we have taken a full advantage of it while we visited the Holyrood Abbey and the surrounding grounds:

And from there we have started slowly back to the bus to get home.  We have lost our way in the process and managed to walk the whole distance back to the Castle, only on the other side, discovering, in the process many more interesting sites and a lovely view of the Edinburgh Castle itself in the setting sun ,of which we took full advantage ;)

There are many more pictures we have taken that day.. I will share some of them in my next post.  Until then..