The Short Lived Fall Of 2018

Our autumns never last long here on Alberta prairies, but this year we have lost our colors even sooner than ever. With the first snowfall occurring before the middle of September, followed by another one a week after, with temperatures falling way below freezing and cold winds blowing all the foliage off the trees it was not a huge surprise… It did get warmer after a while, but the damage was done and we have to deal with empty trees and shrubs until next spring. That is why I usually go out quite early when the colors show up to capture them, in case they disappear as quickly as it happened this year. That is, also, why I do have some this year’s pictures to share with you . I took them at the beginning of September at Rundle Park, when it was still dressed in all the lovely color. I am so glad that I have managed to visit! Enjoy!