We all need a break

Sometimes we all need a break.  Since I started shooting exclusively with film cameras at the start of this year, I was focusing on what I usually do, landscape and nature.  I found that limitations of film and old cameras, self developing and scanning, forced me to look at the world differently.  Every image requires more thought, more "seeing", as my friend Olaf Sztaba would say.  So it I was very grateful when another good friend Mark Reierson setup a meeting to photograph people in Calgary.  

Early day, fairly long drive, made short by audio books, and a bit a screw-up with models and make up artists, made for a very interesting day.  Whole day was spent wandering the streets of Calgary, and just making photographs.  Slow and deliberate.  Trying hard to create something interesting, to visualize something interesting. 

I find that using film made me realize how important each frame, each photograph is.  Everything becomes more focused, more deliberate.  It's quite refreshing.  Hope you enjoy these images.

calgary model sunshine.jpg