Week 7 Results


Team Polska had a very strong week. This was the highest average score during the whole of the Olympics, but to our surprise, the German team beat us to the second place. Who got the first place this week? Who do you think.. hmmm? The Icelanders of course. So we took the 3rd spot. We are still holding on to the 2nd place in overall standings, but the Icelanders are moving away, and the Germans are closing in. Here are our results from Week 7:
Centered Composition
MAK - La Pomme
Bruski - Pride
Artvet - Gerbera

Homemade Landscape
Dudski - The "Eat Your Greens" Mountain Retreat
Budya - Sim City 5000
cptpoland - Icebergs basking in the moon light.
AP - BRRRRRRRrrrrr!!!!!!