Winter adventures on film

End of December last year, I had a few days to myself, to think about what I want to do with my photography.  Watching videos of Thomas Heaton and his adventures really inspires me, to focus more and really take care what is in the frame of the camera.  To look at the world in a different way, and find the beauty everywhere, even in simple compositions that don't involve glorious sunrise or sunset skies.  This is the reason that on this little short sunrise trip I only took a 35mm film camera, and a roll of film.  Kasia is happy with her Fuji digital cameras, and she can always find something interesting.  She has a keen eye to see the big vistas, and the little intimate details. I still struggle with that.  So I forced myself to look around more carefully on this trip, and loaded with 18 (because I already shot a few during Christmas celebrations) frames and armed only with 2 lenses (35 and 50) I began my adventure.  

We have been to this old abandoned house, a few times.  Yet there is always something new to photograph.  With fresh snow, there were a lot of animal tracks all around.  Kasia and me separated, so we're not in each others way, and end up with very similar images.  Surprisingly I did manage to finish off the roll of film.  I'm actually quite happy with the results, even though the images are very grainy for ASA400 film.  I hope I can translate the experiences of shooting old film camera to the new digital, and take images with more care and purpose.