Fog and Snow, Leica and Fuji - Alberta Landscape Photography

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day for photography.  No, it wasn't sunny, with beautiful rolling clouds, sparkling snow etc. etc.  None of that.  It was foggy, grey and you could call it depressing.  The white fog was so thick in places, I could not see past the hood of the car.  I love this type of weather.  The landscape around you changes dramatically.  Lone trees, that would normally be lost in the background, finally can stand on their own, the fallen in, abandoned houses, take on a new feel of mystery.  Everything just feels soft, close, and safe.  It's so quiet.  I could spend hours, driving around forgotten Alberta back roads. Specially with the new gear I was playing with


I had a chance to try out a interesting little lens, the Elmarit 90mm f2.8.  Yup, a Leica lens.  Old and showing signs of use, but the mechanics and glass are still perfect.  Now I'm not surprised why Fuji made only one adapter for third party lenses, the Leica-M to Fuji X.  I was always curious that, with so many old Nikon, Canon, Pentax, and tons of others, why Fuji created only one adapter, only a Leica adapter.  For some of you it will be obvious, but I didn't know, until now.  You hear about the legendary Leica glass, and yes it's still expensive.  I think it's worth it.  I had so much fun shooting with this lens and my Fuji X-T1.  What a combo.  With Fuji focus peaking, manual focusing is easy as ABC, or 123 (which ever way you swing).  The smooth ring on that very old Elmarit makes it even easier.  I saw the light, and it's bright, sharp, and gorgeous.