Evening And Night At The Big Rock - Alberta Landscape Photography

One evening of our rainy vacation in Southern Alberta we have decide to chance it and visit the Okotoks Erratic in hopes of shooting some sunset and night skies. We were lucky yet again. The clouds started clearing the closer to the sunset it got, and we were given a chance to see this interesting relic of the time all that land was covered in ice in an evening light.  It was such a pleasure to spend a few hours there watching the colors of the changing sky and the stars coming out. The clear night allowed us to photograph the Milky Way as well, though there was quite a lot of light pollution. If you are close by Okotoks, I'd recommend you visit The Big Rock and appreciate the size of it (estimated 16,500 tons) and try to imagine the powers of nature that moved this huge chunk of rock from the area of Jasper to it's current location (see Alberta Culture and Tourism site for more information).  And now, it's time to look at the photos and imagine yourself spending a wonderful summer evening on the prairies and forget about those pesky weather forecasts warning us of incoming 20cm of snow... Enjoy :D