Day and Night on Long Island

After a tiring yet wonderful walk around Manhattan and Central Park, and a beautiful sunrise on the beach, our host, Dominick Chiuchiolo, took us for a little drive on Long Island.  It's a beautiful place, full of history, and charm.  Colors of autumn did not disappear yet, even though it was already November.  It was a stark contrast to Edmonton, when autumn ends practically in the middle of October, with Halloween seeing snow more often then not.  The weather was pleasant, warm and having beautiful big trees around was a reminder to the days of childhood.  We simply loved it. 

Our goal for the day was a sunset at Montauk Point.  There a beautiful light house there.  Kasia and me were finally able to capture what we always wanted.  A long exposure landscape scene with ocean waves appearing as smoke on the rocky shore.  Even though the skies did not offer anything more interesting than just blue, we both were successful in capturing those images. 

It really is not difficult to do.  All you need is an ocean with some waves, a tripod and a very dark filter (if the images are to be done during day time).  The filters we used were neutral density 10.  Some call them the Big Stopper.  Adding a small aperture of f16 gives perfect time to blur the waves and create that effect.  The images took close to 2 min of exposure. 

Since the skies were clear, we finished the day with a little of star shooting.  Not a lot of light pollution, allowed for Milky Way to be visible in the sky.

It was a perfect day, spent in great company.  Thank you Dominick!

Remember to click on the images to see them full size :)