A Little Macro Never Hurt Anybody..

I have said it before and, I'm going to say it again. There is nothing better than looking at some colorful macros when it's freezing cold outside, days are short and the world is covered in white.  I think, considering how cold it has been so far on the prairies, that we all deserve a bit of color therapy.  But before we go there I would like to write a few words about macro photography.  It is the best kind of photography because you don't need to go far to indulge in it.  All you need is a decent lens, if you can't afford a macro lens, you can invest in an extension tube (these are much less expensive) and a decent park, or even your own garden will do in a pinch. Most of my macros are shot in my backyard or close to home, when I take my camera for a dog walk.  All it takes is a good light and an interesting object and you are golden.  I find it very peaceful and relaxing and, later on, a pleasure to work with and look at, when all the colors of growing season are gone.  I hope you will enjoy looking at the results of my explorations as much as I do, especially this time of year, and maybe, consider doing it for yourself when spring arrives. Good luck!