Alberta Country on Celuloid

Starting my year project of shooting only film is slowly taking shape.  I'm starting to collect different film stock, to see how each behaves, and finally settle on one that I like the most.  So far I used Fuji Superia 400, Agfa Vista 400 and little bit of Kodak Potra, Ektar, and Gold.  Right now I'm shooting with Fuji and Agfa, just because they are easiest to obtain.  One thing I can tell that these have a very similar look, and work very similarly.  They both like to be a little over exposed to produce good effects.  If they are a little underexposed they have a tendency of showing big fat grain, that makes the images almost unusable.   

Buying film in Canada can be an adventure in frustration.  Amazon has some, but usually from 3rd party sellers with absolutely outrageous prices.  Almost no one locally carries any color film stock.  Getting it from US, is dealing with unfavourable exchange rate, and insane shipping prices.  This is for 135mm film, don't let me start on the 120mm film, and large format is even crazier. 

On this little trip into Alberta countryside, I had my Agfa Vista 400.  This is the time I figured out that this film doesn't like to be under exposed, but that was after the roll was finished and developed.  Good this I remembered to take notes during shooting.  Talk about slow down.  Strangely I quite like it.  It makes me focus more on the objects I'm photographing, and then writing down all the settings for said picture, teaches patience.   I have become what I've been making fun for years on the Shutter Time podcast... a masochist.

Now the next step in the evolution is to learn to develop color film at home...