Another Visit to Badlands

Over the years we have travelled a few times to Alberta badlands. It is always an interesting trip. The landscape is so different there, comparing to the standard prairies / Rockies and there is always an abundance of photographic subjects. From out-of-this-world rock formations to interesting flora, patterns on the ground, carved by water flowing down after the rains, people, animals... If you are lucky, the sky cooperates and the big fluffy clouds add to the overall beauty. This time, we have went to a tottaly new location. Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park is located less than 3 hours away from Edmonton, which is the closest place we have visited in search of badlands so far. There are no clear, built up trails theere, and you can only enter the park if the road is not wet, so you have to time your visit to dry time of the year. You have to travel to get there through several kilometers of unpaved country roads. First you encounter the view point on top of the deep drop, carved by Red DeerRiver. The road to get to the bottom is steep, and very slippery and dangarous when wet. We were lucky the park was opened, considering the amount of rain we have received recently, and down at the bottom, the ground was still wet and not completely safe for hiking. However, as usual, we made the best of the available conditions and spend a few hours exploring places that were accesable to us. We did a bit of exploring on the way and back home as well. I mean, how can you not when the weather is lovely and you have time… ;D But, enough talking, let me show you some of what we saw.. Enjoy!