Canola Sunset

I’m sure most of us have weeks that don’t go as planned. Disappointments, problems, stress are quite familiar to most of us and we all have different ways of dealing with them. For me, the best way to handle things like that is to go out of the city and spend a couple of hours shooting. I, usually, drag poor Mac with me and we go out where ever the car takes us…It’s canola time on the prairies. I have discovered a new place, while working outside the city last week and figured we could go and maybe catch a nice sunset. I love being by those fields when they are in bloom, even if I do suffer from allergic reaction to the copious amounts of pollen being released at this time.. But it is well worth it. The gorgeous yellow color of the blooms, contrasting with deep dark green of the surrounding fields and the blue of the sky, that for a moment was not completely covered with heavy dark clouds were a pleasure to see. It was finally warm and dry (we’ve been experiencing unusual amount of rainy days recently and tend to treasure every day that brings sunshine) By the time the sun has set, we were both relaxed and peaceful. All the annoyances from the past week were forgotten. Here is a sample of pictures I took that evening. I truly hope, you will find a as much of peace and relaxation looking at them as I did while taking them ;D