Elk Island At Night

It is an interesting experience to visit Elk Island at night.  We are a city creatures, not very comfortable with being in nature without the ability to see.  And then, there are the noises. It is so eerie to stand in the middle of nowhere, where it is pitch black and so quiet that every noise carries a long way. Hard to judge the distance separating us from the animals making that noise.  The coyotes are close by and call to each other quite often. A bison male is walking through the forest, somewhere in the vicinity.. An owl is hooting somewhere close by.. But what you hear is not as scary as what you don't.  One time, not that long ago, we were positioned on the other side of Bison Loop shooting northern lights. Close proximity to the road, as annoying as it is because of the frequent traffic, was very lucky for us that time.  It was very quiet so we were so surprised when one of the cars crossing by spooked a large moose heading straight towards my spot.  Fortunately the animal changed direction and run away, without getting too close to me... Needless to say, we packed our gear up and moved somewhere else, where there were a bit more people close by.. Regardless of those close calls and spookiness of the night at the park I absolutely love going there to shoot the sky.  You can see so many stars there! The sky can be so very beautiful. Judge for yourselves..