First day in Spain with my Fuji X-Pro1

Our vacation time has come and gone, in a flash.  My wonderful wife and partner, in this photographic journey, already started showing off our pictures from the vacation in Spain.  I decided that this vacation will be a great opportunity to test out the new Fuji X-Pro1.  For the first time I did not take any other camera.  At first I was a little worried that I have made a mistake, by not taking the heavy dSLRs, and their lenses, but after a couple of first shots with the Fuji and I knew I was right!

We arrived in Almerimar, a lovely little town on the south of Spain, on a very windy day.  We got settled into the apartment and decided to go out for a walk around town, and maybe to get some food as well.

After food and drink and brilliant company of our old friends, we headed out to see the town.  It's not hard to get to the beach from anywhere in Almerimar, and that's what we did.  Because of very strong winds, the waves on the Mediterranean were higher and bigger than I ever saw them, when I visited almost 5 years ago.  Definitely a photographic opportunity.  Fuji X-Pro 1 was performing very well.  I was very happy that I brought it along.  It was light to carry and so much fun to use.  I think Fuji hit a home run with that one.

After being blown around by the wind we decided to head back to the apartment.  This also provided some shooting opportunities to test the Fuji, again.  It is an amazing camera, that's all I'm going to say about it.