Spain Day 2, Spanish Sunset and more Fuji X-Pro1

I wanted to try the 18mm Fuji lens on a Spanish landscape.  I mean that's the main reason I took a wide angle lens all the way to Spain.  On the drive to Almerimar from Madrid, I did not have a lot of opportunities to take pictures, as I was dodging crazy spanish drivers, and trying hard not to fall down the mountains on their narrow roads.  It definitely something to get used to.  To do a little more driving training we decided to visit some of the little villages, that snuggle the mountains of Sierra Nevada.  Let me tell you,  there are some streets that you can barely squeeze your car through, or get stuck on a one way dead end street.  A bit nerve racking, but the views are just spectacular.  They soothe your rattled nerves, the blood pressure goes down, your breathing slows, and you smile.  Maybe that's why the Spanish are so laid back, friendly and smiling?

In the last image, my kids had a lot of fun, because they could be in a bar, with adults.  An actual bar, where people drink.... alcohol!  I wonder if the kids are  going to become an alcoholics now.... And it was quite a place, with walls filled with pictures of past bull fighters, and newspaper clippings.  Great atmosphere.  I managed to "steal" some images with the Fuji.  I guess I didn't have to be sneaky about taking pictures.  Most people are used to tourists snapping away.  Since my Spanish consists of a couple of words, which probably would not help if I was told not to take pictures, I rather refrained from doing to much.  I guess that's why I compensated this with outside images of the Spanish country side.

At the end of the day, we decided that it would be great to catch a Spanish Sunset.  The wind has died down considerably, so we went down to the beach.  The kids had a lot of fun chasing and running away from the waves, getting soaked in the process, but that's being a kid, right?  Me and my wife concentrated on the picture taking :)  So the whole day spent with Fuji X-Pro1 and a 18mm Fuji lens.  Any regrets?  None what so ever.  Just at times I wished that it was a little wider, but not often.  The camera performed admirably and it was a pleasure to carry around.  Light and portable.  It made me focus more on the scenery outside, instead of wishing I could go home and take the load off.  Here are some images from the sunset I captured on the beach in Almerimar.  Enjoy!