Flirting With Aurora - Part 1

She can be very elusive. She can show up where you don't expect her to be and don't show up, when you count on her.  Sometimes, it's only a pale green hue of the night sky, sometimes - a line across. Some nights, you can only spot her out in the country, where city lights don't obscure the views, but some nights, you can clearly see her from my own back yard, covering most of the sky and showing off for everybody to see. What a tease! But we all are very happy for each encounter, whether late at night, being eaten alive by mosquitoes in the middle of summer, or freezing our bottoms, during the coldest months of winter. For you can spot her any time of year. All you need is dark enough sky and a bit of endurance ;D

Today, I will share with you a small selection of shots I took over the last several years, in different locations, different time of year, through different cameras and lenses.. Enjoy!