Sky Is The Limit!

One of the most wonderful things about Alberta, to me anyway, is the sky.  It's huge and always changing and I love watching it and photographing it. The sunsets, sunrises, middle-of-the-days and, of course the storm clouds have been fascinating me for a very long time.  At night, you can see million stars, different phases of the moon, Milky Way and, if you're lucky, amazing aurora. Over the last several years I must have taken more than a thousand pictures of the clouds which, to me, are a huge part of the landscape, sometimes, the most interesting one (I do live surrounded by flat prairies after all ;D).

It takes a bit of a skill to make sure that the clouds are not over exposed, when shooting a landscape. With some cameras, one needs to resort to using HDRs to bring out the details and create a bit of drama to enhance the mood, sometimes you're lucky and your camera comes with a nice range that allows you to bring out details of foreground and sky without stacking the shots. There are tools available to help with that though every piece of software has it's limitations and one has to learn how to expose the shot to be able to achieve the desired effect. No matter the camera, though, as long as my lens is wide enough the sky is the limit ;D

Today's post is compiled with shots taken with Canon, Sony and Fuji cameras over the years. Different time of year, different time of day or night, different conditions, different places. What ties all of them together is the fact that sky / clouds are either the main subject or a significant part of the composition.  Enjoy!