Fuji in Europe Part 28 - Last night in Nuremberg

So it came down to this, last night of vacation, and last night in Nuremberg.  It was a good time as any to take go for a little night walk around the old town.  Brought the tripod, Fuji XT1 for it WiFi control from the iPhone, and.... a wrong lens.  Yep.  I thought of bringing the 10-24, but then I thought, that anyone would bring that lens.  So I opted to be different, and brought te Fuji 56mm f1.2.  It was a struggle.  I had to look at things differently, and frame my shots differently. No more wide open space, the frame was tight and long, so I had to think a little more, and cursed under my breath.  At the end I even gave up on the tripod.  It was taking too long to frame anything on it.  So I took the camera off the tripod and relied on the excellent ISO noise control from Fuji, and I wasn't disappointed.  These cameras are wonderful for shooting at night even without a tripod. After all 28 posts and looking through all the images shot, I have learned a bit about the new Fuji XT1, and how it compares to the old X-Pro1...  For one it's not that much different.  Of course it's newer, faster, different design, but the feel of the camera and the pleasure of using it, at least for me, is the same as the X-Pro1.  I love using both, and I don't see myself changing anytime soon.  I know that in reality a camera is just a tool, but with Fuji it's something else.  Something special.  I feel that every time I pick up the camera.

Most importantly though, it's not the cameras or the places I've seen.  It's the great hospitality of wonderful friends.  Being hidden behind our screens, being "social" on various social networks, nothing compares to the human contact.  Being there with great friends, means so much more than being "friends" on the interwebs.  So a heart felt thank you to you all at Hooked on Europe.

Here are some last photos from Nuremberg.