Golden Lake

Sometimes I like to challenge myself.  I know I'm going to, lets say, Elk Island National Park, in the evening.  That usually means a sunset photo session.  Now I only take one or two lenses, and none are wide angle.  I challenge myself to take a good image of the sunset, with a 90mm or a 400mm for example.  It's not easy having only a Canon 5D full frame with a 90mm tilt-shift lens, and a Panasonic G1, with a M42 ring adapter and a 400mm old Minolta lens. Yes the tilt-shift is a little easier to use, since it can quite easily create dreamy, partly focused images.  Still the focus length at 90mm is not really designed for landscape.  I would say the 400mm is more of a landscape lens than the 90mm.  Of course the having the big 400mm on a G1 micro 4/3 camera is not an easy thing to work with either.  The lens is manual focus only, and the Panasonic camera only a digital view finder to look through (or it's little screen), but when pointing the lens at the sun, everything becomes washed out.  Thus the challenge of it all.  Learning to work with the gear that you have.  Is it frustrating?  A little.  Many times I was wishing I brought my wide angle, but then I just narrowed my view, and captured what was available.  Enjoy.