Is Being Bored Good Or Bad?

I've found myself bored recently, stuck at home and not willing to go anywhere with my camera. There was a very Canadian reason for it. It was freezing outside with winds bringing the cold close to -40 Centigrade and sun making almost no appearance at all. Depressing, if you ask me, so I decided to use my go to therapy for winter blues: play with color.  I went back to the set of photos I took wile visiting friends on Long Island, NY last year in fall.  We were lucky to spend a lovely morning shooting sunrise at one of the beaches there and driving all over taking in the lovely fall colors. As it happens, I took way too many pictures (greedy photographer that I am) so there was a large amount of shots that were never posted, since they are similar to the ones that were.. It's my curse, I tell you. When I find myself in a lovely place with great light and colors I can't stop taking pictures.. Anyway, since I was in need of some colors and didn't want to post the same stuff from before I decided to experiment a bit. I normally rarely use Photoshop for more than cosmetics while processing my shots thus I am not fully familiar with all the complicated functions that it comes with and, since I had some time on my hands, desire to play and some photos that can be played with I started to experiment...

Now, was being bored good or bad? Do you like the results? What is your opinion?

I, personally, loved all my experiments so I will share them with you, though my opinion is bias ;D. I have to warn you, though, for those of you that are used to winter monochrome they might seem shockingly colorful so brace yourselves! Here they are..