Lonely Alberta Prairies

Another film adventure.

Since I decided shooting with film only, for a year, I've noticed that I put a lot more thought to the images.  Specifically when shooting 6x6 cameras.  The compositions are a little different than the typical camera format.  Plus having a medium format, lets me play a lot more with depth of field.  On this adventure, I was also testing my new acquisition the Kiev 6C with a 90mm f2.8 lens.  I was hoping that the common problem of frame spacing would not be there, but alas, after developing the film, some images where overlapping.  Which is very annoying.  Specially when you don't know which images will overlap and by how much.  Oh well, old Russians will have issues. 

The Minolta Autocord performed perfectly.  I really love that old camera.  It's light, easy to use and the lens is nice and sharp.  It's really a great camera, and if you have a chance to pick one up, do it.  You won't be disappointed.

The weather was perfect for b&w film, and since it was a full family outing, I had to take some family shots.  I'm really happy with how the images turned out.  I really love the mood, and feel of them.  One thing I've noticed that they don't translate well to small smartphone screen.  They need to be viewed large.  I bet they will print well too.  Might have to do a film book after this year.... hmmm.

Well the Kiev was just shipped for repairs, and hopefully when it comes back it will be like new!  Can't wait for more adventures.