People in the Mountains - Candid Photography

While making images at tourist destinations, you will always run into people.  I always try to catch a few shots of them, while they are not paying any attention to me.  This makes it easier if you are carrying a small camera, that makes almost no noise.  Enter Sony NEX line.  I have one of those and coupled with a 24mm f1.8 lens it's perfect for street/candid shots.  Just carry the camera by your side point it in the fight direction and snap.  The shutter is nearly silent, and the whole system is very discreet.  There is always a chance that you might miss the action, but by not raising the camera to your eye, the people you want to catch, act natural.  Here are some candid images I captured... but the last were posed portraits of the family.  HDR too. Enjoy! alberta people lake louisealberta winter people streetalberta people street lake louise candid photographyportrait lake louise photographer winter ice snowalberta family portrait lake louise winter