A mix of color in winter - Alberta Landscape Photography

On our recent trip to Lake Louise and Banff National Park, we had only one day when it wasn't overcast and snowing.  Even though the rest of the time we did not get the special light, that you get from a setting or rising sun, the world still look beautiful.  The big clumps of snow covering the spruce trees, is absolutely magical, and the constant heavy falling snow, just add to the cozy winter feel.  Shooting in such conditions brings out it's own challenges.  The falling snow melts quickly when it touches your camera, and as we know electronics and water do not mix very well.  If you have a rain cover for your gear, use it, but even a hat or a normal plastic shopping bag will do.  It doesn't look pretty, but it will save your gear from getting wet. So the first day I was able to capture some color in the world, but after that the world turned black & white, and that was that.  Here is another set from our trip.  Enjoy!

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