It was a horrible weekend. Weather wise. We got dumped on, and I mean really dumped on. The snow started Saturday morning and it's still snowing, on Monday morning. It hardly let up. Got about 30cm of snow, plus wind and cold. But that is not the object of this post. My lovely wife, agreed to do some practice shots!!! I wanted to test out my Fong again, and different light conditions at home. I must say, that even though my wife does not like her picture taken, she actually liked the pictures. Here are two of the best.

Lady in a Hat

Lady in a hat

The whole reason for doing these, is to get more comfortable with people. I was asked to photograph a wedding of a friend. This being pretty important, I don't really want to screw it up. I'm hoping I'll have more opportunities like this to get some people in front of the camera. Thoughts?