Team Polska takes home the Silver!


We did it! We got the silver! Second place behind such a strong team as Icelanders, is a pretty good achievement if I can say so. Third place was taken by team Tropical Islands, pushing the Germans into the fourth spot. To tell the truth, I'm glad it's over. It's pretty stressful to come up with new ideas every week, and try to execute them well. Since all these challenges were done with Basic Editing rules, the whole setup had to be done perfectly. No editing in photoshop besides playing with colors, saturation, levels etc. No special filters, no spot editing. So this made it even harder. Great experience though, and made new friends, which as with all internet friends, they are all over the place. The closest one is about 1300km away. That's it for the Olympics.... maybe sometime in July there will be another one.... we will see.