Regrettably, I did not have a chance recently to go and photograph snowflakes, despite of it’s snowing on and off quite often.. It is not as simple as one would think. It takes a good macro lens, a steady hand, good shooting conditions and a goodly amount of warm clothing, so that you don’t freeze, being stationary for long time in -20oC weather. If it’s too windy or too warm it won’t work very well. Macro work requires stability of the object one is trying to photograph, especially when the light is not very strong (sunshine will melt snowflakes too quickly so it is better to be in shade, not mentioning that you can easily overexpose the shot). If it’s too warm, the snowflakes become shapeless too soon, and you’ll get no good results at all. In other words what you need is good conditions, time, patience and fortitude… Since I have been rather short on time lately (you do notice, I am boasting here a bit about having plenty of patience and fortitude ;D) and good shooting conditions, I decided to share a bit of my older attempts at snowflake photography. Enjoy!