Summer on the Prairies - Part 2

Photographing flat prairies presents a challenge. It's easy to take a good photo of mountains, since all you need is good light and the pictures take themselves. Rockies are just too beautiful and full of interesting views. Prairies, though, require a bit more of an effort, since one has to find something to catch one's eye, to create an interesting composition. Sometimes, I just want a shot of our big beautiful sky at sunset and I don't care much for the foreground, most of the time, however, we do make an effort to find a good spot to complement the sky. It isn't always easy, and we have traveled more than 100km distances away from the city, on numerous occasions, to find a pleasing spot, often frustrated when we weren't able to find something soon enough to catch the sunset colors or not getting the light or colors while waiting for it on location. It's a good thing I don't mind it so much, taking pleasure in being outside of the city, even if I don't come home with very many pictures. Mind you, I don't think I have ever came back without a shot or two.  Does it make me not discriminate enough, or am I just lucky to find something to catch my eye? You be the judge of that. ;D