Taste of Edmonton 2017

They call Edmonton, the City of Festivals. There are over 100 festivals during a year with over 50 different events happening in spring and summer. This past Saturday we went to visit one of them - Taste of Edmonton.  The weather was great, the atmosphere - wonderful and we have had lots of fun walking around Churchill Square trying different foods offered by many vendors and engaging in one of my favorite pass times - people watching. I'll be the first to admit that I am not a street photographer! Mac is much better at it than I ever will be and I always straggle a lot to find something interesting to shoot. I am not very comfortable taking pictures of people without their permission. I usually try to do the "hip shots" and end up with 100 photos with people's derrieres prominently displayed instead of anything of value..  I rarely practice this particular genre of photography and when I do it it is mainly to challenge myself, but I did try to capture some of the spirit of the event. I hope I was somewhat successful...?