Taste of Edmonton 2017 the Film Story

As Kasia was saying in the previous post about Taste of Edmonton and street photography.  We both not street photographers at all.  Even though Kasia, still thinks I'm better at it, I would like to disagree with that statement.  Real street photographers like Antonio Rosario from Switch 2 Manual, or Olaf Sztaba , are definitely someone to emulate, but me and Kasia are just opportunistic photographers.  

We had a chance to attend the annual Taste of Edmonton.  Its a gathering of restaurants where you can purchase bite size dishes.  As always it's always full of people, so one would think a perfect time to practice street photography, which is a foreign to me as the surface of the moon. Still having excellent photos of Antonio, and Olaf, and my good friend Mark in mind, I loaded the little Minolta Autocord with some film and went in search of images.  Since most of street photography I have seen is in black and white, I thought I would be presumptuous, and add a little color to it.  

The whole experience left me nervous, and afraid.  Good thing the little medium format, twin reflex camera, from the late 50's was an ice breaker.  People would, if not stare openly, actually ask about it.  This resulted in conversations, but not a lot of images, unfortunately.  Still I tried my best to emulate, and "see" like all my friends mentioned above, would.  Well I tried, and here are some results from that little outing.  

The color film was Kodak Portra 160, and the black and white is the Kodak Tri-X 400.