Testing a 16mm with Sebastian.

I wanted to see the difference between my Canon 17-40mm wide angle lens and the Canon 16-35mm lens.  The 16-35mm is twice as expensive as the 17-40mm, probably because it's a f2.8, and the 17-40mm is only f4.0-5.6.  Numbers aside, testing it in the field produced very similar results.  For landscape they are pretty much the same as landscapes are usually shot at f8.  I can see the 16-35mm being an interesting effect lens specially with such a small aperture.  So I tested that on Sebastian.  As always he was willing to have some pictures taken, and made some faces for the camera.... I'm hoping I'm not creating a monster here :) So here are the tests results.... see if you can tell the difference between a 17-40mm and a 16-35mm.