Vacations with old film cameras - part 1

Taking old film cameras on vacation, deciding to take images only with those can be a little risky.  Specially when you never shot with a camera before.  A great friend of mine, came all the way from New York, and brought me a Minolta X570, with a very nice 50mm f1.4 lens.  I never shot with that camera before, and neither did he.  We didn't know that it would develop a strange light leak, that would run in different places on almost every image.  Practically ruining every shot I took with that camera.  Good thing I had my medium format TLR Minolta Autocord. 

I knew from the start that this is not going to be a photo trip, as we had family and friends visiting with limited time to show them around our favorite places, and friends and family were my main concern with photography.  I was hoping that I was able to catch a few good images, I mean you cannot take a bad picture while in the Alberta Rocky Mountains. 

It's a lot of different experience shooting with film cameras.  There is no way of telling that the shot you envisioned is done properly.  You have to trust your knowledge that all is good.  Then it teaches you discipline.  You are limited to 36 on 35mm, but only 12 on 6x6 medium format.  So each image has to be the image you want to create.  It's not easy, but it's a part of learning. Really, who wants to sit at their computer and go through thousands of photos and pick only a handful, when you can take just a handful of great photos.