Waterton, Before the Fires - Travel Photography

As the weather becomes colder, I find myself missing summer more and more.  It is a good thing, I have so many pictures from our travels to look at.  With my family visiting from Poland we were given a perfect excuse (not that we ever needed one, really ;D) to travel all over our province to show them around.  This time, we have taken them to visit Waterton Lakes National Park in southern Alberta.  And, as we found out later, it was a great thing that we have visited in August. The whole area suffered from fire damage later on and our pictures became rather historical.. I'm so glad I have been able to show my family the beauty of the places we have seen now. It'll take a bit of time for the damage to be repaired.. 

Unlike our Jasper / Banff trip, the sky was filled with smoke and clouds and rain, during our full day of exploring the park.  It allowed me for some pretty dramatic pictures at times, which I do enjoy taking. You know me, if I have a sky to work with, I will incorporate it for sure.. I have also been given a chance to work more with a fish-eye lens, not by design, but because I simply forgot my normal wide angle lens.  But, it allowed for some cool shots to come out of my camera and, I decided, it was all in all, a good thing. Let's the pictures speak for themselves, though. Enjoy!