Water drop experiment

This idea has been going around my head for a long while now. I've racking my brain on the execution, and today I had an epiphany :).I decided to try this with the simplest setting. A cup full of water, sitting on a counter. An eye dropper, tripod, macro lens, and my remote line cord. I raised the tripod so the lens was "looking" at the surface of the water at about 45 degree angle (I really wasn't measuring!!), setup the focus aperture to the max at F2.8 and..... not enough light. At these settings, even with a 60w light shining close by it was not enough. So I set the shutter time to 1/125 left the aperture at F2.8 and popped the little flash on the camera. I figured that it should do at this close range. Also I set the camera on continuos shooting.First I tried it with water. It produced an interesting effect, but since it was already clear water in the cup it was not a big difference. Here is an example:

Splat 1

After a few shots of that, I thought that I should try something different. Something that will create a better effect. What better thing to use than white cream. Here is what it produced:

Splat 2

Since the camera was shooting continuously I managed to come out with another good shot.... at least I think it's pretty good:

Splat 3

Of course they went through a bit of filtering in Photoshop, to give them a bit of a blueish tint.Next one I think I will try different lenses. The macro lens works in some way, but as you can see not the whole shot is in focus. Till next time.....Let me know what you think....