Week 4 Olympic Results


So we are half way through and Team Polska is going strong. We took another 2nd place this week. Overall we are still 2nd, only the Icelanders are in our way. I must admit they do have a strong team, and will not be easy to catch. Here are our results:
Environmental Portrait
MAK - Frankie. Painter & Decorator
Dudski - Underground Musician
Artvet - The Scientist
AP - Night Shift Driver
Bruski - Into The Distance
Budya - Interlinked
CptPoland - Barred from Fun
My shot wasn't very good, and it showed. Didn't have much time for the challenge, so during the trip to Vegas snapped a couple of fences with my little point and shoot camera. That one was the best of them.
Week 5 challenges were Intimacy and Pattern. The votes have started..... and I know there is a whole week to go, but I'm really disappointed and pissed off! So far it's doing worse than the Fence...