Welcome to Almerimar

It was a beautiful, though very windy first morning in Almerimar.  The rising sun has painted surrounding buildings in a lovely light and I figured it's a great picture opportunity, especially with the lovely clouds creating a very nice back drop for the surrounding buildings ;)

We were to meet our friends: Chris and Sandra, who made Almerimar their home for late breakfast and have a look around the town and head to the beach. The wind was quite strong and we were sure we would see some waves.

I must have  taken over a 100 pictures during just this outing alone. I have found out that, as usual, timing is everything and it takes a lot of tries to catch the best splash :). After a lengthily walk we've decided to head back for some food - it was getting close to siesta and the kids were getting tired as well..

After some food and a little rest, in the early evening we have returned to the wind breaker. The wind have not diminished and the waves became even more interesting, spraying us with salty water even from  quite a distance. This has produced an unexpected result of creating a filter on my lens. Made for some interesting light effects.  The world around us was covered in a haze made of sea water ripped away from the waves by a very strong wind. The sun was about to set and added a golden glow to everything... Just lovely!

I was a bit concerned about possible damage to my camera and tried to protect it as much as possible. The last thing you need, while away from home is to break your equipment... One thing is for sure. I was very happy I've had a long lens with me and could take close ups of those waves from a safe distance. An angry sea is noting to laugh about!