Winter in the Rockies - Alberta Landscape Photography

Last week, we spent a wonderful quiet couple of days in the Rockies, specifically in Lake Louise.   I don't think we ever been there during winter.  During summer, Lake Louise is a very busy place, and very picturesque.  This time however, the tourists were mostly gone, and one could say we had the place to ourselves.  My wife and I, prepared ourselves with tripods, ready for night photography, sunsets, and sunrises.  Unfortunately the weatherman was completely off with the forecasts, and all we really got is snow, snow and more snow.  We had to forgo our dreams of spectacular rocky mountain sunsets, and take advantage of what mother nature gave us.  Most of my images are processed in B&W, just because with all the snow falling, there was almost no color to be seen.  The world was black, gray, and white.  Here is the first batch of images I want to show you.  There will be a few more after this post :)  Enjoy! alberta landscape photography lake louiserocky mountains alberta landscape photographeralberta winter landscape snow photographerlake louise alberta landscape winter photographysnow winter landscape alberta photographer