Winter Morning at the Park

Rundle Park here in Edmonton has always been one of my favorite places to visit within the city. Located in River Valley, not very far from where we live, gives us a quick access to a bit of nature, with added bonus of many kinds of available family activities, all year round. It is the place I go to if I don’t have much time for a longer trip, to relax and spend some time with my camera ;D. It looks lovely any time of year (see the fall post The Short Lived Fall Of 2018), but I find myself drawn to it more often during winter months, especially during foggy mornings when it’s cold and there is a chance of hoar frost covering all the trees and shrubs, or when it is snowing. But, I don’t mind a visit during a sunny morning either. It has been cloudy and dark for the past couple of day, so when we saw clear sky and sun this morning we have decided to make the trip and visit the park. The sunny weather did not last too long, but it did not matter. By the time we lost the light we were a bit frozen and decided to head home. Before we got to the car we have stumbled upon a treesome of coyotes wandering about and I’ve managed to get a few shots of them as well (just an added bonus ;D). Here is a few pictures I took during that morning. Enjoy!