Winter on the Prairies

They call it cabin fever, when you can't spend another moment enclosed in the house and be stuck in the city and not be able to see the wider world... I have been suffering from it for a while when, one winter afternoon, we have managed our escape and found our way out into the rural Alberta again.  I love those trips! No matter where we end up going, there is always something new to discover. Whether it is an abandoned old building, windblown field covered in snow drifts of horses grazing in a distance... This trip was no different and at the end we have found a lovely place called St. Peter & Paul Russo Orthodox Church (or Dickie Bush for short) just in time for a sunset.  The church is positioned on top of one of the hills allowing a nice view of the surrounding area. It is neighboring a cemetery with a picturesque tree in the center. Surrounding farms and the road leading to it are lovely as well, especially bathed in the sunset light. All in all another successful escape from the city ;D