Summer Visit to Badlands

Drumheller, Alberta has always been one of our favorite places to visit.  So, last summer we have decided to take yet another trip there and explore the prairies of southern Alberta and all the weird and interesting rock formations with hoodoos and more. We even managed to fit in my first ever helicopter ride into the outing! It was very interesting to see the land from birds view point. The flat prairies suddenly drop down and the canyons are lined up by layered rock, giving you an idea why it is such a good place for paleontologists to explore.  We have managed some nighttime photography, a sunrise, some travel photography with a stop over at Vulcan, Alberta and take a picture with a star ship ;D We have accomplish all of that without being completely devoured by mosquitoes, which is quite an achievement in August, if I say so myself..  All in all a very successful trip all around...


The end of the road