Winter Sunrise - Alberta Landscape

Alberta landscape, photographs very nicely in any weather, and any season.  Spring and summers, are full of color, and stormy weather.  This looks wonderful with the never ending prairie skies.  Fall means activity on the fields, and beautiful changing colors.  Winters are quiet, peaceful giving you time to reflect.  They are also easier for sunrises, since one does not have to wake up too early to catch one.  This was the case here.  My wife and I, decided to visit one of our favorite spots, a little abandoned farm, not too far from where we live.  It was a cold day, and it got progressively colder the farther we were out of the city.  We started at -17C, and by the time we got to the farm (about 20min drive) it was -24C.  We had a bit of time before the sunrise, so we went out exploring.  I do have a confession to make.... I see the big picture, and constantly keep missing the small things at my feet.  So to train myself I brought the 60mm f2.4 lens on my Fuji to force myself to see close.  Just in case I did bring a 8-15mm Canon fisheye, which was mounted on the Sony.  Just in case :)  Here are some images from that cold morning sunrise.  Enjoy! farm alberta winter snow

 sunrise farm alberta trees snow winter

winter farm tree snow

 sunrise farm winter snowwinter minimal farm alberta empty

farm alberta winter pollution snow

winter tree smoke alberta edmonton

farm alberta prairie sunrise winter snow