Moody Photography..

Moody Photography..

Foggy winter mornings are a wonderful treat for photographers.  I was so happy to be able to take advantage of one such morning a short while back, even if I was frozen stiff after returning home ;D Not being able to travel too far that day, we took our dog for a walk in Hermitage Park here in Edmonton.

Cold Foggy Morning - Alberta Landscape Photography

It supposed to be spring.  My wife posted a few landscape images from this time last year.  What a difference.  No snow, warm days, beautiful sunsets.  This year, Ms. Spring is a little late.  Which still allows for wonderful winter sunrise images.  Another foggy morning at the end of March, and very cold.  I think the temperatures in the park dipped down to -24C.  We were both frozen, but very happy.  The world looked absolutely spectacular.  Kasia posted some of her images from that day, really great landscape images.  I took a little longer to process my images from that day, but I think it was worth it.  Enjoy! foggy winter sunrise alberta landscape photographer

tracks snow fog winter alberta landscape photography

tree winter snow alberta landscape

sunrise snow alberta landscape

fog river winter edmonton landscape

fog river winter alberta edmonton landscape

fog bridge winter river edmonton photographer

winter fog bridge winter edmonton landscape

Freezing Morning in the Park..

It was bloody freezing this morning in the park, where we went to shoot a foggy sunrise. The temperatures dropped to -22 degrees Celsius and the fog made it feel even colder. But the sky was blue and the sun was rising so we went for a very long walk and took a lot of pictures. By the time we've gotten back into our vehicle I could barely feel some of my fingers and toes, not mentioning my frozen face.. Oh, well.. I think, it was still worth it! ;D Here is a few of the shots I took this morning and, though, it is not spring yet, for which I am terribly sorry, the world is looking mighty wonderful today! :D Kasia


Winter Wonderland - Alberta Landscape Part 2

My wife has already posted some images from our morning walk in a snowy, foggy park shooting landscapes.  It was a great time, even though it was around -24C that morning.  We started off with a sunrise at an abandoned farm, which I posted a few days ago, and found our way to a local Edmonton park in the river valley.  Even at that late in the morning the fog was still rising from the river, making the world a really magical place.  Here are my renditions of the foggy park, that morning.  Enjoy! Edmonton winter landscape photography

edmonton river winter snow

edmonton winter snow landscapewinter snow fog edmonton landscape

edmonton snow winter fog landscape

snow winter landscape edmonton

park snow winter landscape morning

snow edmonton winter landscape snow

Winter Sunrise - Alberta Landscape

Alberta landscape, photographs very nicely in any weather, and any season.  Spring and summers, are full of color, and stormy weather.  This looks wonderful with the never ending prairie skies.  Fall means activity on the fields, and beautiful changing colors.  Winters are quiet, peaceful giving you time to reflect.  They are also easier for sunrises, since one does not have to wake up too early to catch one.  This was the case here.  My wife and I, decided to visit one of our favorite spots, a little abandoned farm, not too far from where we live.  It was a cold day, and it got progressively colder the farther we were out of the city.  We started at -17C, and by the time we got to the farm (about 20min drive) it was -24C.  We had a bit of time before the sunrise, so we went out exploring.  I do have a confession to make.... I see the big picture, and constantly keep missing the small things at my feet.  So to train myself I brought the 60mm f2.4 lens on my Fuji to force myself to see close.  Just in case I did bring a 8-15mm Canon fisheye, which was mounted on the Sony.  Just in case :)  Here are some images from that cold morning sunrise.  Enjoy! farm alberta winter snow

 sunrise farm alberta trees snow winter

winter farm tree snow

 sunrise farm winter snowwinter minimal farm alberta empty

farm alberta winter pollution snow

winter tree smoke alberta edmonton

farm alberta prairie sunrise winter snow

Winter Wonderland

Saturday morning, we've decided to, finally, venture out with our cameras to check out the world covered in over 20cm of snow. We were very lucky, because, after a week or so, the sun has finally showed its face. Mind you, the temperatures dropped to almost -20 degrees Celsius and even in a foggy park (such low temperatures caused the mist to rise from the river) the blue sky was reflected in the snow making it all look like a winter wonderland.  It's truly a glorious thing to behold such beauty!! We've returned home, after our visit in the park, frozen through, but very happy! Here is a few shots from that trip.  I hope you enjoy! :) Kasia


Fall... I Miss You!

The snow keeps on falling. There is over 20cm of the white stuff already on the ground.  Our roads are a mess and I am not planning on venturing anywhere for a while, at least... I miss fall with its gorgeous colors and misty mornings.  It doesn't last too long around here, so I was very happy to be able to make a trip to a park close to my home one misty morning and shoot the mysterious world covered in fog.. Here it is, the park still dressed in autumn colors, hugged by mists.. Enjoy! :) Kasia


Magical World

We have been very lucky again the other day to wake up to the world covered in fog.  If you follow our blog you'll notice this is the second time this year!!  I was not able to go out before dawn, but I have managed to get a few shots from my window. What a treat that was!! The colours of pre-dawn sky with wisps of fog on the streets! Gorgeous! Later on that day, I took my cameras out and got completely lost in the magic of the moment.  I share these images with you in hope that you'll enjoy them, at least, as much as I enjoyed capturing them.  Go ahead! Get lost in the magic with me! It's so worth it!! :D


Foggy suburbia
Foggy suburbia
Dreamy world
Dreamy world
Gotta go to work..
Gotta go to work..
World in a fog
World in a fog

Foggy World - Part 3

So.. I'm still stuck on the fog... I can't seem to leave it be.. It's just that the light is too fascinating and the colours too pretty to abandon that splendour. The menacing fog, rolling around (mind you, as I've mentioned before - with the sun it wasn't that scary .. but it could be..) results in quite dramatic scenery, when processed as black and white. When you leave the colour on, the golds and oranges of sunrise paint the world beautifully.  I really hope that you still enjoy the imagery... Kasia


Foggy World - Part 2

The world often looks somewhat eerie, when blanketed with fog. Fortunately for me yesterday, the sun was up and the sky was blue above the fog thus I was able to admire the golden haze surrounding it without feeling uncomfortable. The moisture in the air and the cold temperatures resulted in frost covering grass and trees, adding to the appeal of the scenery.  Surrounded by Mother Nature's splendour I seem to have forgotten about the cold for quite some time and managed to take a lot of pictures, which I'd like to share with you. Way too many for just one post, thus today's part 2 and there will be more...  Hope you like them. Kasia


Foggy World

With relatively low temperatures this morning (-12oC) came fog.  It rises sometimes from the river when the conditions are favorable. The sun was shining on a cloudless sky and I wanted to see the fog up close and decided to stop by my favourite spot by the river during my usual coffee run. I was smart enough to take my camera with me!  And it was quite a remarkable experience, too!  Such a thick fog hid world from my view leaving only things that were close, surrounding them in golden hue.  One could barely see the river from the hight of the ravine.. The fog, after a while, started to rise up from the river valley and crawl onto the streets above.  Since it was so cold it left ice crystals on the trees and grasses, that shone in the morning sun. Such a beautiful world we live in!!! Kasia


Some mornings....

Some mornings are in black and white, with a dash of color.  Sometimes it's the reverse.  That morning it was mostly black and white.  There was a little color once the sun rose above the horizon.  It was cold, and wet.  It's interesting how photos reflect the mood of the time you took them, or edited them.  Making them very personal, specially if you are shooting for yourself.  Here is that melancholy morning with a little smile.  Enjoy.

Tribute to Winter

I figured that maybe if I post a tribute to our long and cold winter, she would finally get a hint and let spring in.  Crossing my fingers.  These photos were taken on a little morning trip with a couple of photographic friends of mine.  We just drove around the country side.  All these were taken with my micro 4/3 with manual Minolta lenses.  Enjoy. Winter Panorama

In the sun

300 Amp



Blue Sunrise

Stick in the snow