Benefitting From Dramatic Sky - Alberta Landscape Photography

When you travel far away from home you can never predict the weather you're going to encounter. Such was the case during our summer trip to Waterton Lakes National Park.  We have left Edmonton in sunny, blue skies and ended up in Waterton in rain. Heavy clouds covered the whole sky but, surprisingly, it added a great drama to the pictures we have taken.  Add to it a beautiful color of rocks at Red Rock Canyon and it's juicy greenery and you come with quite a striking set of shots.  The steel colored clouds created wonderful mood for the beautiful Waterton Lake and when it started to clear up, little patches of blue added yet more to the views. As much as I love the blue sky and sunshine, I definitely appreciate clouds and what they can add to landscape photography.  Hope you enjoy this second installment of our Southern Alberta adventure.  There is definitely more to come!