Family Camping

The trip to southern Alberta was blast.  Even though it wasn't as great weather wise, we still managed to camp out.  Since our campground was bordering the Waterton National Park, we were warned about bears, and that sometimes they like to cross over for a visit.  Kids got a little scared.  Soon we had the tent up, and split up into pairs for van and tent.  I got the tent with the oldest, Konrad. Kasia and the youngest, Sebastian got the van.  It started to rain.  As we were settling into our designated sleeping quarters around 11pm, there was an excited scratching on our tent.  At first I thought we were goners, but it was only my excited wife, whispering loudly that the stars were out.  Can't pass up an opportunity like that, even though the thought of bears ripping your skin off is still fresh on your mind.  So we got the kids up, grabbed tripods and followed a path through the forest to a little clearing.  The views were spectacular.  Having a manual focus fisheye lens helps a lot as well.  We spent good hour just standing there and staring into the skies.  We probably missed a couple of bears that passed through the clearing, we didn't care. 

Next morning I woke up to a delicious smell of bacon, and coffee.  The sun was up, birds were chirping, and everyone had their arms and legs intact... meaning no bears.  We reluctantly packed our stuff and continued on our journey.